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Capital Driveways

People laugh at my addiction to big lorries, driveways and hot sticky Tarmac, but there is nothing as nice than entering someone’s driveway and it being a work of perfection.

For some people a shiny red Ferrari is a turn on for me it’s the perfect driveway I’m an old fashioned man, I like things to be right and I don’t cut corners


There isn’t a type of driveway I haven’t completed and I’m going to use this blog each month to showcase our work and help you understand all of your options rather than letting someone tell you what you “need” based on their profit margin.

I mean, who doesn’t like looking at a great driveway, they are, if done right a piece of art. People look at shoes, judge handshakes and focus on eye contact… I look at your driveway.

Affordability is important to us all and regardless of your budget there is a driveway to suit you, and your purse strings.

A good driveway reaps the benefits…

  • Makes a good first impression
  • Adds value to your home
  • Gives great kerb appeal
  • Low maintenance, nothing more than a good jet wash to get it shiny and new.

Please sign up to my blog and I will post advice, with before and after pics and videos of all our work, our new products and any exciting offers that we have for you.

Let us translate your ideas into your dream driveway.

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